Opposites Part III

Its been almost two years since my Spiritual Experience of the Light and “Opposites”. This is what I’ve come to know so far.

There is more than us. There is more than what we think, there is more than what we see. The Energy of Life/Love we are all part and parcel of, is us and is more than us. IT IS TO BE TRUSTED so we can Trust Ourselves. By being alive you are part of something that is more than human,The Energy of Life/Love. Man can reproduce but as a species we cannot replicate Life/Love. Physics tells us today that everything including us breaks down to energy, quarks, and is connected. This Energy is us and our Source. Everything we know a manifestation of this Energy. Our connections with others a reflection of this Energy.

During my spiritual experience on 7-7-18 I felt that I had always been loved and perfect as I was and that it was because of my parents that I came to feel those ways about myself. I understand today that the beliefs I had about myself were subjective to the people who raised me and my time in history. I experienced the Truth that day and it continues to change me. We are all a manifestation of the Energy of Life and Love. This Energy has a Source that is not us and it is to be trusted. This truth acts like a Load star and Reconciles the Opposites that we are. Trusting the Energy of Life and Love we are. Synchronizing to Life which is a constant variable. Trust that you and everything else is as it should be at this moment regardless of your own thoughts. That you are exactly as you should be at this moment and if the Energy of Life wants you different, make it so. Trust the Energy of Life and Love that YOU ARE.

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Ah. I think I took it a little out of context :

“On September 16, 2016 I found my 23 year old son Michael dead on the couch. He died not from addiction, but the cure. I’ll write more about that at a later date”

I was reading ‘the cure’ as AA.

We lost our daughter also, but not to addiction. So. I know hearing people say “sorry for your loss” can sometimes feel empty. 🌈

But. What did you mean by he died from the sure.

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Please forgive the late reply and let me say how very sorry I am about your daughter as well. Michael was in the AA program when he died. When I speak of the cure that killed him I am talking in regards to bad medicine employed in treatment facilities. Profit over health. The value for drug addict and drunks non existent. Additionally after my spiritual experience I no longer believe in the AA concept of disease, how we treat addiction here I know personally that the thirst for wholeness, the compulsion, our blind spot to run ourselves into the ground once revealed and identified goes away once we figure out that we were whole all along. (A few other points to be made but for brevity’s sake I end here for now.) Michael was prescribed an anti psychotic drug called Zyprexa for anxiety. The manufacturer of this drug has been sued by DOJ in the state of New York for cross prescribing this drug for anything but psychosis. Michael started to gain weight on Zyprexa. He stopped taking it and his legs began to swell in a bipedal edema. He went to the ER they sent him home said he was fine. He was dead on the couch in the morning. Healthcare Industries value for addicts is non existent. Barely there for anyone.

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It makes me so sad that happened. I work in mental health and so we prescribe a lot of Zyprexa and other medications. It is interesting that most of the people who I trust who I talk to you say as Zyprexa is actually one of the least harmful and side effect medications. And that it works well for so many people. That is terrible that it may have contributed to the death of your son.

I think with any random death that could be attributed to another party, our tendency is for retribution. I have a friend who lost their 13 yo son, And it was probably because the hospital dropped the ball. And yet my friend and his wife decided that they wanted to live in forgiveness and so instead started a foundation, I guess, a charity that goes toward educating hospital staff about the type of situation that their son died of. They see it more as a spiritual move to forgive and then try to contribute and learn. Another friend of mine lost their 15-year-old daughter to a similar hospital fluke. And they are not being so forgiving.

I don’t make any judgment on either side. But whatever action or whatever attitudes people take upon it, I would hope that whatever result from whatever action indeed will help heal the wound.

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If you don’t mind and are at all interested in my view upon situations: For me spirituality is for other people. My spirituality has to do with being concerned with other people and their spirituality. So I don’t really have any running concept or belief about what may be spiritual except in as much is that I try to help other people. But if I do have any sort of belief, it is that the universe is always unfolding exactly as it does and should and can. That in no way am I nor anyone else separated from the motion of the universe, and so really it is more incumbent upon me to look at myself when I feel like I am not part of that motion, for whatever reason. Personally, I find when I take action upon a feeling that stems from not part of the world, usually if I get any sort of satisfaction or if any benefit comes my way from it, ultimately that benefit will be squashed by some other sort of tragedy or some other sort of opposite activity. And this is to say not some sort of karma or some sort of tit for tat, but more that’s just the way the universe works at all times and so it really depends upon my attitude upon it, and less the meaning that I make. 🍎. I hope you are well thanks for sharing your story.

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Dear Mr. Rossis, I’m glad it resonated with you. Your photos of Greece and the resort did with me as well. My parents traveled and loved Greece. The resort is somewhere I would like to visit myself. It looks beautiful. The point to resonate, connect with each other knowing that indeed it is in some way the Energy that we are. Poorly worded, but hopefully you get my point!! A book I found to be amazing, Reza Aslan, GOD. I look forward to reading you as well, Heidi

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