Kazimierz Dabrowski..Theory of Positive Disintegration

Dear Mr. Tiller,
I want to thank you for maintaining this website and sharing the Theory of Positive Disintegration and the life and work of  Kazimeriez Dabrowski.  I was to find his theory about three years ago after intense suffering and a lifetime of being told that I was broken:  which indeed I had become after 56 years. I wanted to share my story with you.  I had recognized myself through AA for over 20 +.  I feel the same personality traits that Dabrowski describes are reflected by Bill Wilson in the 50’s as diseased throughout AA literature.  The sensitive, effervescent, Over excitable neurotic.  On September 16, 2016 I was to find my 23 year old son dead on the couch.  This was the only connection of love that I had known.  I   grew up as the scapegoated daughter of a narcissistic mother and believed the mantra for all those years. On July 7,2018 I was to have a spiritual experience is the best way to describe it.  I was to understand that it was not because of myself that I had felt ways about myself but because of my parents; and that I’d always been loved and perfect as I was.  I was to hear one word “Opposites”.  I was to find Dabrowski after this and find also a woman who  had hated herself all those years. My entire life I had been told I was  too big, too sensitive, too serious, defective, broken.  . AA followed up with the defective and broken.  
I was never broken Mr Tillier although I certainly broke.  It was  because of Dabrowski’s writing that I was able to recognize myself .  I no longer suffer from the disease of Self Hatred/Alcoholism and can drink with impunity if I so desire. Dabrowski is my hero, thank you Mr. Tillier.  I don’t know why I decided to write this to you today except it is Easter, and I understand what it is like to die and be transformed on a higher lever.
Thank you again Mr. Tillier for your good works!!

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